September 10, 2018

Women’s Initiative

Jasmine Scott

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Women's initative

About a year ago, a group of women donors and ICM staff visited Costa Rica as part of our Women’s Initiative. The trip wasn’t long, but it was impactful. It was jammed full of encouragement, love, prayers, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with many wonderful and passionate women believers.

On the last day of the trip, we participated in a march with more than 300 hundred other people. The parade went straight through the city. We waved colorful flags, sang songs of praise, rode atop a grand float and prayed for every home and family we passed.

One church in particular stuck out. We met with the pastor and heard his tearful story of having nowhere to worship. The passion and determination behind this story moved our team. Today, that congregation has enough to purchase the land they need to build a church home.

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The pastor even commented on his big blessing: “For us, it has been 8 years of being in the desert. And now, it’s like we are moving into the promised land.”

In the end, we ministered to more than 20 women who play a leadership role in serving their congregations. It was a week full of God’s grace.

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