Churches improve the lives of women in developing nations by offering child care, vocational training, education, medical care, food distribution and Bible studies. Even more women are reached through new church plants established by empowered congregations eager to show God’s love.

Women in the developing world face many challenges, including teen pregnancy, poverty, domestic violence, human trafficking, prostitution, drug abuse, gang violence and infanticide. By sponsoring a church project through ICM’s Women’s Initiative (WI), you can end these heartbreaking cycles in many women’s lives. Jesus Christ and His Church are the answer!

Your opportunity to make a real difference for women.

Ready to help women in need? There are three ways to get involved:

  1.  GIVE NOW to sponsor a church project.
  2. Join the Women’s Initiative Facebook group!
  3. Contact ICM staff to find out more ways you can support ICM’s Women’s Initiative! Call 757-827-6704 or email

Here are just a few ways our supporters have raised money for WI projects:

  • Julie started the Fish Co. to make and sell bags and dolls to build a church orphanage in Africa.
  • Janet implemented corporate tithing at her law practice.
  • Helen and Peggy began flipping houses.
  • The ladies of Wrightsboro Baptist Church pooled their many talents—cooking, singing, baking and crafting—to sponsor not one but two church projects.
  • Meagan asked her friends and family to give to the WI in honor of her 16th birthday. You can create your own fundraiser online!