A HEALTHY CHURCH within walking distance of everyone in the world.


NURTURE BELIEVERS AND ASSIST CHURCH GROWTH WORLDWIDE. We do this by partnering with indigenous ministries to equip local churches with two vital resources: A permanent church building and practical discipleship tools for oral learners.

As an international Christian organization, our strategy is to reach the world for Christ effectively. Equipping local churches with the tools they need to grow allows entire nations to be blanketed with healthy churches. Also, when local churches invest their own effort and resources into each project, the result is a sense of ownership, long-term sustainability, and a greater impact for every dollar you give.

Dois Rosser, the founder of ICM, an international christian organization.

ICM was founded in 1986 by Dois Rosser, Jr. after hearing the incredible Bible teaching of Virginia pastor Dick Woodward.

Eager to get Woodward’s unique survey of the Bible into the hands of indigenous pastors in India, Rosser set up ICM and began working with church leaders in India to translate the material into Hindi.

However, when Mr. Rosser learned that he could help congregations build their own churches for very little cost, his vision expanded. Church buildings gave Christians legitimacy in hostile cultures; devotional Bible studies produced in their heart language and distributed in audio transformed them into local evangelists. For more than 30 years, our international Christian organization has been using this cutting-edge strategy of partnering and leveraging to develop thriving churches in some of the world’s least-reached mission fields.


ICM upholds the statement of faith outlined in the Lausanne Covenant.

Our Values

Dependent Upon God

We recognize our total dependence upon the God of Scripture, who is our creator, savior, source & purpose.


We seek to maximize the impact of your investment by building on the existing resources of our partners.

Rooted in Prayer

We seek God’s guidance by making prayer and the Bible vital in every aspect of ICM’s work.


We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of operation and financial transparency.

Urgency of Mission

We focus on our mission and work energetically to advance God’s Kingdom in the world.


We’re an open book. Here, you will find all of our latest financial information.