June 19, 2024

A Congregations Journey in South Africa


Church Building

From Crèche to a Church


Pastor Mtembu was nestled in his cozy living room, engrossed in his sermon preparations on a tranquil Sunday morning. It was a serene moment, a chance for him to gather his thoughts before stepping into the pulpit. A gentle knock broke the silence, heralding the arrival of several families eager for the day’s worship. Welcoming them in, Pastor Mtembu ushered them into his snug living space, where prayers, hymns, and his carefully crafted sermon filled the air with joy.

This humble beginning, over a decade ago, marked the genesis of Pastor Mtembu’s journey. Fresh from seminary, he embarked on a mission, spreading the message of love and redemption to homes across the neighborhood. Slowly, these visits gave rise to intimate gatherings, where Pastor Mtembu would lead in devotionals, nurturing a budding desire to establish a congregation of his own. Seeking divine guidance, he found solace in hosting services at his home, unaware of the grand design unfolding.

In time, these small gatherings burgeoned into a unified assembly, outgrowing the confines of his living room. Relocating to a nearby crèche, they found a temporary abode, but limitations persisted. Undeterred, Pastor Mtembu’s resolve attracted support from neighboring churches, propelling the dream of a permanent home into reality.

Seeking divine guidance, he found solace in hosting services at his home, unaware of the grand design unfolding.

With the aid of ICM and benevolent backers, construction commenced in November 2022. On April 8th, 2023, the eve of Easter, the Kwadlangezwa Church of Christ stood proudly, a testament to unwavering faith and community support. Easter Sunday heralded a new era as the congregation gathered within their own sacred walls, ready to extend their ministry to the wider community.

Pastor Mtembu’s heart brims with gratitude as he reflects on their journey. Through the church’s outreach programs, they offer aid to those in need and impart spiritual guidance to local children. United with fellow church leaders, they navigate life’s challenges, drawing strength from each other’s wisdom.

Eleven years have passed, marked by trials and triumphs, yet Pastor Mtembu remains steadfast in his gratitude for the journey. “We’ve been blessed to walk this path alongside our fellow churches,” he reflects, “and together, we’ll continue to spread the light of Christ.”

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