April 23, 2019

The Difference One Church Can Make


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Guimaras Island in the Philippines is a popular tourist destination for people seeking tropical beaches and juicy mangoes. But a couple miles inland from the jewel-green waters and plush hotels, the scenery changes. Here, you will find the village of Gaban…with dirt roads and humble concrete homes tucked in among the trees.

Back in 2011, ICM built a church in Gaban for a congregation that had been meeting for worship in a tiny preschool. The pastor, Alex, had a tremendous heart for children, so he began using the new church to minister to poor children in the area.

Today, Gaban Church hosts its own preschool. It has opened a second Christian preschool in a neighboring village. It is stabilizing poor families through a Bible-based family development program that it operates in the surrounding villages. Its Vacation Bible School, held in the spring, sees about 200 children in attendance. Children are asking to be baptized, and whole families are accepting Jesus as Savior.

Gaban Church is transforming this entire region for Christ!

This is the difference one church can make…


and the difference you make when you support rural ministries through your giving and prayers.

This month, please pray for Gaban Church as it continues to share the gospel with the people of Guimaras Island.

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