LIVE IN A COMMUNITY WITHOUT A CHURCH. Some may have heard the Gospel and given their lives to Christ, but they have no place to worship and no way to understand the Bible. Without tools to grow their faith, new Christians become discouraged and may fall away—never reaching their community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our Christian nonprofit organization is committed to solving this problem by equipping believers around the world to establish healthy churches.

Equip 25 Million Disciples for Christ

13 Million 25 Million

Healthy churches around the world are filled with disciples who are fully equipped and passionate about sharing the Gospel with their friends, family, and neighbors. This is why ICM is striving to cultivate 25 Million Disciples for Christ by 2025. Every project or initiative that ICM is invested in will help us develop disciples, whether that is a church, a Hope Center, or distribution of Foundations material. These initiatives include Church and Hope Center buildings, small groups, radio broadcasts, online learning systems, and social media accounts.

“There are over 600,000 villages in South Central Asia alone. We can’t send enough missionaries. We have to equip the local church.”

Dois Rosser, Founder & Chair Emeritus
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