November 1, 2023

Within Reach 2023 Calendar and Prayer Guide – November


Within Reach

Are you ready to read amazing stories of what God is doing around the world?

Healthy churches are changing communities. Lives are being transformed by the Gospel. Let us continue to pray for the nations together.

As we move towards our goal of reaching 25 Million Disciples for Christ, we know that empowering existing believers is just as crucial as sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard it. Healthy churches must be filled with healthy disciples who are fully equipped to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.

This prayer calendar and journal highlights just a few of the people and projects that are blessed by your giving.

We hope you are touched by reading these testimonies from our ministry partners around the world.

All Scripture references come from the English Standard Version (ESV). *Names changed to protect identity.

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!" — 1 Chronicles 16:34

Reaching the World for Christ, One Disciple at a Time

House of the Good Samaritan Church and Hope Center



For many believers in areas where Christianity isn’t common, oftentimes entire churches will form out of Bible studies that meet in rented spaces. These rented spaces can be a crucial location for small groups to meet since they don’t have their own church building, and they need somewhere to worship safely. A rented space can offer some security, but it is very easy for Bible study groups to outgrow them.

This is exactly how one church in Egypt started. In 2005, they met in a rented room, but the group grew so large, they had to find a new space. The congregation found a new building, but it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. It was in terrible disrepair. The concrete floor was incredibly uncomfortable to kneel on for prayer. The paint flaked off the walls and ceiling, and the building lacked the facilities needed to serve the community and care for children. The congregation definitely had a lot of work on their hands, and they needed help to make this building their own.

Thanks to ICM investors, the congregation finished renovating the space for their church services. They also added a Hope Center, where they provide food, childcare services, job training, and literacy classes, all while teaching people about Jesus.

Praise him with thanksgiving!

November tends to be a time when we think about what we are thankful for. It is a time of celebration, joy, and praise. This month, praise God for all the things you are grateful for: your friends, family, job — anything at all! Remember to maintain your spirit of gratitude all year long.

Prayer Requests

    • Pray for the church in North Africa and the Middle East, that they would be strong in their faith despite persecution and immense challenges.

    • Pray that the congregation would feel grateful and praise the Lord for all He has provided for them, even in hard seasons.

    • Pray that the Lord would heal those who need to be healed, that He would miraculously provide for those struggling to make ends meet with difficult economies.

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