December 4, 2023

Big Heart, Bold Believer


Guest Devotional

Meet Worship Artist Aaron Shust


When did you realize you wanted to be a Christian musician?

I first sang in church on a Sunday night when I was four. My mom was in charge of the music in our small congregation, so church and music were always a part of my life. But it wasn’t until I was 13 and saw a Michael W. Smith concert that I knew writing music about God was what I wanted to do.

How have other cultures influenced your music?

When I was around 10, one of my church’s choir summer performances was called Sir Oliver’s Song, a musical that covered all Ten Commandments as if sung by children from many different continents and cultures: Hebrew, Hawaiian, Scottish, Chinese, African, and more. My appreciation for world music certainly began with this music, and I’ve always looked for ways to incorporate non-Western instruments and voices in my music when possible.

How and when did you become connected to ICM?

ICM invited me to lead worship for their icmPACT weekend in 2022. I was able to have a literal front-row seat to hear testimony after testimony of their influence in people’s lives around the globe.

What was your favorite part about your trip to Rwanda with the ICM family this summer?

Cyungugu City — the visit to this island deemed hopeless only 10 years prior was deeply moving. The children were full of life, joy, laughter, singing and dancing. A little crippled girl mistook my wave for a beckoning and sat next to me for the better part of an hour. I welcome her company with open arms. She reminded me of my youngest son, also disabled, and I relished the opportunity to dote on a child who was potentially not the most popular in the room.

What do you love most about ICM?

I love ICM’s commitment to assist the congregations who are currently displaying effort and initiative. Those gatherings have already stepped out in faith, and ICM is simply joining hand-in-hand where God is obviously already at work.

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