July 7, 2022

God’s Faithfulness Across the Americas & the Pacific



Sharing the Gospel with a Deaf Community

One church in Nicaragua provides hope to the unreached

Alberto’s* heart for serving the Deaf began when he worked at a school for the Deaf and hearing impaired. He became a follower of Jesus at a young age and urgently wanted to share Jesus’s love with the Deaf community. No nearby Christian ministry focused on Deaf people’s needs. This weighed heavily on him, and soon Alberto realized God wanted him to do something about it.



“God called me to plant a church for the Deaf in a locality where there are 400 Deaf people…,” Alberto said.

“None of them were part of the family of faith…. There are no ministries or churches here that reach the Deaf for Christ…

After much patience and prayer, Alberto acquired a small house to host church services. As word spread about this new church for the Deaf, more and more people attended worship services. Now, both Deaf and hearing people go to this church to receive the Word of God. They are determined to work together to share Jesus’s love with their friends and neighbors in the community.

“Today, many Deaf have received the Lord in their hearts,” Alberto explained. “And we dream of having a Bible school where they are trained to reach the rest of the Deaf community in Nicaragua.”

The congregation quickly outgrew the little house where they had been meeting. Thanks to ICM’s investors, construction on a new church building begins soon. ICM will be providing them a new facility, which will have more space for the congregation to minister to the community. This promises to increase their impact on the Deaf and bring more people to Christ.

Thank you for praying for this amazing community!

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A Vision Becomes a Reality

Two of God’s faithful servants help transform a broken place

Carlos* and Carmen* stood on the corner of a street looking at an empty lot. It was covered with thick, tangled weeds that broke through the cracks in the dry ground. Pieces of trash scattered around the property drifted along the ground like tumbleweeds. Two tall palm trees in the back of the lot casted a shadow over the broken earth.


“This is it,” Carmen exclaimed. “This is the place I saw in my dream.”

Several nights before, Carmen had a vivid dream, and the palm trees in this lot matched her vision exactly.

Carlos and Carmen were missionaries sent by their home church to plant a new church in the town of Tatane, Argentina. For many months, they prayed for God’s help to find a place to start meeting. Now it seemed that their work in Tatane could finally launch.

After purchasing the land, they cleaned the lot by removing weeds and trash. Healthy grass emerged from the soil. Then they built a temporary tent with wooden poles and sheets, and installed outdoor lighting for evening events and services. Their very first outreach ended with 11 baptisms! More and more families come to services and other events, and the congregation continues to multiply!

Today, construction on the brand new Tatane Church is underway! Soon, the congregation will be able to meet in a permanent building with solid brick walls instead of underneath a makeshift tent. Just imagine how much bigger this congregation’s impact on their community will be once their building is complete. And this has happened thanks to faithful ICM investors like you!


Through the grace of God and your faithful support, a small, undesirable piece of land is being transformed into a beautiful place of worship. Praise God that Carmen’s vision from the Holy Spirit is becoming a reality.

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Turning to God’s Light

The story of one man’s journey to becoming a pastor

Angelo’s* heart began to race as he looked at the bag of drugs in his hands. Sweat trickled from his head down to his temple. He ducked into a nearby alleyway, and quickly tossed the bag into a dumpster without giving it a second look. Then he ran straight to his aunt’s house.

When he arrived at his aunt’s house, she embraced him as he wept. She gently patted his back, as his body shook from sobbing. He confessed selling drugs, and he begged his aunt for help. Angelo’s aunt responded by telling her nephew about Jesus – his love for Angelo and his power to forgive. That night, Angelo committed his life to Jesus. Soon after, he found a Christian ministry in a nearby city and began attending their meetings regularly. He found a stable job working at an aviation company. His life turned around, but God was not finished with him. He felt God tugging at his heart to take another step. God wanted him to enter ministry full-time.


Today, Angelo is the lead pastor of a church in the Philippines. The church met for years under a small pavilion next to a children’s playground. When they outgrew their space, they prayed for God to provide them with land to build a church. After much prayer, the Lord made it possible for them to purchase a small plot of land.

Thanks to generous donations from ICM investors, the church was built! At the dedication ceremony, balloons adorned the front doors. Church members in traditional clothes worshiped God through a special dance.

“We are amazed to have witnessed the faithfulness of God with our present church building…,” Angelo shared.

“We are inspired to trust God even more to grow our service for Him, and to reach more souls through the ministry of teaching and training leaders. We believe God will use this place to accomplish His purposes in us…. There is nothing impossible with God.”

Please pray that this church in the Philippines continues to grow and reach many more souls for Christ! Praise God for saving Pastor Angelo and bringing him into the light of truth.

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*names are changed to protect identity

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