July 24, 2018

A Fire that Can’t Be Put Out

Jasmine Scott

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The beginning of Bon’s story isn’t anything incredible. He grew up in a Christian family, but when he got older he began to question his faith. He responded by throwing himself into the scripture and learning everything he could about Christianity. The more he studied, the more his fire for Christ grew.

He began teaching a small Bible class. His class grew quickly and unexpectedly. He was starting a revival in his village, and the police took notice. They stormed into his class and arrested him on the spot, even though he hadn’t broken any laws. Bon was interrogated and held in a jail cell overnight.

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Even through the persecution, his fire for Christ kept burning.

Upon being released, he joined an evangelist group that worked in neighboring villages. He quickly brought over 100 people to Christ! Christ’s love was shining through Bon, and the elders of the church were impressed with his zest for the gospel. Bon was appointed to hold a church event where people from different villages could visit, watch a film about Jesus, and learn about the gospel. The police heard what he was doing, and arrested him for the second time. This time, they held him in a cell for four nights and seized all of his Bible training material. Somehow, Bon didn’t give up. No amount of persecution could put out his fire for Christ.

Bon’s testimony is one of many that shows how Christians are persecuted every single day. Thanks to your support, ICM is able to partner with believers in sensitive areas and share the gospel with local and remote tribes.

Thank you for supporting persecuted believers around the world. Your support is transforming nations.

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