August 21, 2018

Transforming Women for Christ

Jasmine Scott


Womens Initiative



Every week, ICM posts about the Women’s Initiative. But rarely do we show you how important it is and how many women it’s impacting every day. The Women’s Initiative is funding churches to help reach women, like Riya, for Christ.

Riya grew up Hindu in Southern Asia. Religion was very important to her family, so she was expected to follow all of the required religious rites. After many years of performing these rites, she married and began having children. She bore three children, but all of them died a premature death. With a broken heart, Riya sought comfort from her religion and her family. Her family, however, could offer her no comfort, and her religion only left her confused. Riya searched for answers. She visited several doctors, but none of them could give her a reason for why she couldn’t bear a healthy child.

One of Riya’s relatives heard about the difficult time she was having and reached out to her. The relative shared with her about Jesus Christ and left her with comforting thoughts of the future. In a last chance effort, Riya found a church and prayed with the pastor for deliverance. She allowed Christ to enter her life and was born again.

A couple months after living for Christ, by the grace of God, Riya gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This brought joy back into her family and they, too, began to attend church. Keep praying for women like Riya who are searching for answers and Jesus in other places. Your prayers and support for the Women’s Initiative are creating a lasting impact all over the world.

Are you interested in learning more about the Women’s Initiative? Call ICM staff at 757-827-6704 or email
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