June 18, 2019

The Lovingkindness of a Prisoner

Jasmine Scott


It’s hard to believe Andrew* was ever a prisoner. Gentle, humble and good-natured, he exudes a lovingkindness that draws hurting souls to his church and Hope Center in Europe. But in fact, it was during a short stint in prison that Andrey came to know Jesus.

He says, “I’ve always sought truth and appreciated friendship. Even in prison, I kept looking for answers but couldn’t find anything. However, the Christians that visited our prison gave me the New Testament. I read it and made a realization. He is the One who never lies, forgives and loves. He changed my life as nobody else could.”

When Andrew was released from jail in 1996, he settled in a small town and joined a prison ministry with our partner, New Testament Church. Eventually, he became the pastor of a church where God gave him a vision to start a rehabilitation center for local drug addicts.

Today, that rehab center, part of an ICM Hope Center, ministers to about a dozen young men at a time. But they don’t just leave behind the drugs. Some of the program’s graduates go on to study at a nearby Bible school, becoming new evangelists and helping Andrey to spread the gospel. Please continue to pray blessings over Hope Centers and the people are recovering from addiction.

Are you interested in supporting Hope Centers or churches like the one Andrew leads? Click here to learn how you can give monthly!

We praise God for authoring second chances!


*Name changed for safety reasons.

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