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Making Streams in the Desert

icmadmin on May 15 2018

     On the arid outskirts of Amman, Jordan, Sami* begins another long day as a field laborer. He mops his forehead with a rag as the temperature climbs toward 100 degrees. Before ISIS forced him to flee his home country of Syria, Sami worked in an office as a young professional. Now he spends 16 back-breaking hours per day toiling in the fields, returning to sleep at the nearby refugee camp where there is little water and few toilets.      But his labor is not in vain. A couple of months ago, Sami received an audio player loaded with our Mini Bible College (MBC) discipleship program in Arabic. While he breaks up rocky soil with a hoe, Sami is becoming a disciple of Jesus—listening to a teacher explain the Scriptures he was forbidden to study while in his home country.         Sami is not the only […]