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Rising to the Challenge

Toria Wills || Mar 08, 2024

Between 1948 and the mid 1990’s, South Africa experienced extreme racial segregation through a law known as Apartheid. The remnants of this law still affect South Africans to this day, especially in large, populated areas known as townships.

Tensions are high among various people groups, and communities face challenges due to crime and drugs. Yet Cornelius, an ICM Partner in the country, says pastors have risen to the challenge. “In every beautiful story there are heroes,” he explains. “These pastors are heroes to us.”

Pastor Simon standing in front of a truck
Pastor Simon

Seeing the incredible need, Pastor Simon and his wife Linky, two of these heroes, planted a church in a township near Johannesburg. “If you see people suffering, that hurts,” says Simon. “I cannot go without helping these people.”

Linky agrees, saying, “There is no hope without the church.” The church does not only exist to address spiritual needs, but also the physical and emotional problems in society.

Desiring to see change, Simon and some other pastors began feeding young men every Tuesday. “They come to us, and we cook,” he says. “We encourage them. We show them love. We want God to intervene.”

Group watching Jesus Film
The Church watching Jesus Film.

With the help of ICM, the church also put up a teaching tower –– a solar-powered device that provides Wifi access to evangelism and discipleship tools for people in the community.

“We installed the tower and showed the “JESUS” film,” says Simon. “Many of our boys saw it, took it to heart, and believe. They repented and now most of them are free from drug addiction.”

ICM has funded more than 100 of these teaching towers in South Africa, discipling thousands and poised to impact even more in the future.

Linky, the pastors wife sitting and smiling.
Pastor Simon’s wife, Linky.

Cornelius is grateful to be involved. “We are providing much needed light in this community through churches. Without ICM that was not going to be possible. The light through ICM and the Word of God is being delivered to these people.”

Linky and Pastor Simon are still longing for God to bring more transformation in their own community.

“My dream is to see people out of poverty,” says Linky. “But mainly, the poverty of not knowing Christ. Because if you give your life to Christ, you have everything.” Pastor Simon agrees. “There is hope that God will change our community and our community will never be the same again. We have that hope.”



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