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Bringing the Balm of Peace to Swaziland

ICM || Nov 02, 2020

Near the southern tip of Africa lies the tiny, landlocked country of Swaziland. Renamed Eswatini just two years ago, Swaziland is home to rolling mountains, a beautiful nature preserve, and one of the highest rates of HIV transmission in the world. The AIDS epidemic has lowered the life expectancy there to just 32 years of age, which has decimated the local economy. Many Swazi children live as orphans. Unemployment, poverty and domestic violence have likewise shattered many lives. However, churches in Swaziland are working to address these issues.

Four years ago, ICM began working with an indigenous partner to equip churches in Swaziland with discipleship materials and buildings for ministry.  As a result, peace has come to many communities. Here are just a few testimonies:

Partner, Judea Harvest

“[ICM’s discipleship program] has contributed a great deal to the growth of the partnering churches in Swaziland. It has also provided much-needed quality discipleship material for the partnering churches.” 

Pastors in southern Africa receive ICM’s survey of the Bible on audio players

Grace International Church

“Our church planted a new church, and this has led to our church experiencing revival. The souls are coming to Jesus in numbers.” 

Grace International Church

Hlane Hope Center

“So far, we feed the orphans in our community. Ninety-nine percent of the children who are coming to our Hope Centre have come to Jesus and are actively involved in Bible studies at our church. Our Hope Centre has played a key role as a resource for the children in our community. It has become a place of rest for the children.”

Hlane Hope Center

There is much work left to do to blanket this nation with God’s divine peace, but your prayers and support can remove the obstacles. This month, please pray for the churches in Swaziland. Pray that God’s healing power will increase in this country and that every heart will be touched by His Spirit.   


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