April 25, 2018

Offering a Way Out



Costa Rica

Women's Initiative

Ana, a women’s ministry leader, arrives at Techo Verde Church in Costa Rica to a room packed with anxious women. Some greet her with eyes full of expectation and hope; others look nervous and uncertain. Nevertheless, they have all come for one purpose: to learn from Ana a crafting skill that will allow them to earn an income.

Nearly all of the women in Ana’s class work as prostitutes, forced into the trade by financial difficulties. Most don’t have more than a second-grade education. Ana teaches these women how to stitch and sew and paint – to make beautiful tapestries and paper mâché lamps to sell on the streets instead of their bodies. It is their only chance to have a different life.

     A permanent church building allows Ana to carry on this vital ministry. The church gives her space to host these classes so many women can be transformed. Since starting her ministry 10 years ago, Ana has graduated 800 women from the program.

Ana wants to start another course to teach young women how to cut hair for a living. An ICM Hope Center to be built next to her church will provide the space she needs to teach this class and help more women escape the streets.

Your support of ICM equips servants like Ana to make an incredible impact for Christ. Please pray for Ana and the women she is rescuing from prostitution – that they will experience Gods divine love and blessing in their lives.

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