March 21, 2019

ICM has a Heart for Iran

Jasmine Scott


As you know, our Discipleship Team is working tirelessly to translate Bible lessons into different languages. Several years ago, a supporter encouraged us to translate the material into Farsi. Farsi is heavily spoken in Iran and by over 100 million people worldwide. Despite having the translation complete, distribution has been an impossible task…until now.

That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Heart4Iran!


Heart4Iran is a non-government organization dedicated to bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the Iranian people through Christian broadcasting. Their unique broadcasting system has become the catalyst for Christian growth in Iran. About one million people regularly watch their Mohabat TV broadcast, which addresses how to have a life with Christ through the Church. After the broadcast is complete, Heart4Iran diligently follows up with anyone who responds. For many viewers, Mohabat TV is their first introduction to the Church.

With our Bible study translation and Heart4Iran’s broadcasting abilities, we can finally create a strong presence of Christ somewhere we never thought possible. Christians in Iran are so persecuted and isolated, they can go most of their lives without ever meeting another believer—let alone have opportunities to study the Bible.

So, what does this partnership mean? It means the possibility of someday having churches, hope centers, and properly trained pastors that will be able to speak the truth to their neighbors in this country. Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible.

For more information on Heart4Iran, click here to visit their website.
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