August 18, 2023

Bringing Hope to the Frontlines



Stories of Hope

During the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe, believers continue to work tirelessly to serve those in need. After the war began, several areas of Ukraine lost power for months, leaving thousands cold, hungry, and in the dark. One of ICM’s Eastern European ministry partners, Bible Mission, is helping to meet physical and spiritual needs by distributing food, supplies, and solar-powered audio players loaded with ICM’s Foundations material, encouraging many different groups of people in difficult circumstances.

FRONT LINE – Soldiers fighting on the front line are incredibly grateful for extra supplies, food, and audio players. In the middle of battle, believers rely on their faith and turn to God for hope and support. Sharing the Gospel with their comrades becomes second nature as they deal with the overwhelming stress of combat.

“There are no non-believers in trenches,” one Soldier said. “You have to believe in something to help you survive.”

THE ELDERLY – Many babushkas (endearing term for “grandma” in Eastern European countries) in Ukraine are stranded and must rely on humanitarian aid. Most elderly people do not have access to the Internet or opportunities to attend church services. Poor eyesight makes reading the Bible hard. For them, the ICM audio player. is a great way to hear the Word of God. Volunteers from Bible Mission also give the elderly meals, blankets, and other much-needed basic supplies. Many people with disabilities are also trapped in their homes. Some stay at special institutions and are limited in their contact with the outside world.

One ICM Hope Center in Tsarychanka works with a special center for handicapped adults. Due to Bible Mission’s work, the Word of God is proclaimed there, and many are coming to Christ. They have a small Bible study group, and each pastor of Tsarychanka Church holds weekly worship services at the facility. The audio players help the residents study the Bible together. At the facility, people stay in rooms that accommodate two to six people, and one audio player can clearly fill the room with recorded Biblical teachings.

Over the last 14 months, ICM’s partnering ministry and donors have sent over 250 audio players to troops. Many listen and study the Word while resting at their camp. Please continue to pray for for ICM’s partner, Bible Mission and for the people they are serving amid war. Pray for reconciliation and healing as the conflict rages on. Pray that God’s Word would permeate the hearts of those who hear it.

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