July 17, 2018

Coming Home

Jasmine Scott


Stories of Hope

Ning’s testimony begins when she was only a child and her family sold her to a man for marriage. The new marriage forced her to leave her home and family before she was ready. When she finally made the courageous decision to leave her husband, her parents turned her away. Her only option was to be placed in an orphanage.

It was through this darkness that God shed his light on Ning.


In the orphanage, she learned of the gospel, and it touched her heart. She learned about God’s promise of eternal life and everlasting peace. The more she learned about the Word, the stronger she felt that there was more to life than what she had known.

In that orphanage, she was born again and gave her life to Christ.


Since that time, Ning has used her story to ignite a path of hope for children like herself. Today, as the Housemother of her own orphanage, she teaches children about Jesus. She travels to other orphanages and shares her story of hope and a new eternal life. Ning’s testimony is a beautiful reminder of how powerful Jesus’s love is, even during dark times. It’s so important that we work to Build the Kingdom and get the word out about Jesus.

This is why our Mini Bible College is such an important part of what ICM does. The Mini Bible College explains the Bible in 45 different languages allowing us to train pastors to teach the Good News of Jesus. God’s promise of everlasting peace is so powerful that it changes nations. And it only takes the passion of one person to share it with the world.

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