“You can’t imagine the joy, the gladness that comes with building churches in communities that will never be able to do it. Every church building is a miracle to the people.” Rev. Pastor Kenneth Wafula, Uganda

Churches Speak Truth

The local church is a place for people to learn the truth of God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives. The church testifies to God’s presence and provision in the community, and new Christians are molded into strong disciples of the faith.

Churches Love Others

They know the language, culture and needs of their community. They use the gifts and tools God has given them to minister to the people around them. This love draws people toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Churches Build Faith

Faith lives and thrives in community with other Christians. Lacking fellowship and training, new believers are likely to fall away. We wouldn’t be here today without the support of our church family.

Churches Change Communities

Through vital outreach ministries

Bible Studies
Food Distribution
Medical Clinics
Emergency Shelter
Children's Day Care
Orphan Care
Vocational Training
Addiction Recovery
Trafficking Rescue

ICM Changes Churches

Churches Need Help

In some places, a church building is the only way for Christians to worship legally and safely. Few seminaries exist to train new pastors. And because 60% of the world’s people learn orally, new Christians need easy-to-understand Bible study tools in an audio format.

How We Help