October 9, 2018

Hope Through The Storm

Jasmine Scott

Church Building


church building



In rural areas, natural disasters pose fierce challenges to our indigenous partners. Thankfully, it’s your support that allows them to overcome these obstacles.

Recently, our partners in the Philippines reached out to us about their struggle with Typhoon Mangkhut. This tropical storm is the strongest storm to strike the Philippines in years. Typhoon Mangkhut has wiped out acres of land and destroyed basic resources that many people need to survive. This is what our partners said:

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“I would like to thank all of you at ICM for your hard work. Your steadfast love, encouragement, and prayers are heartfelt and give us a reason to press forward. Recently, Typhoon Mangkhut has affected this country drastically and, consequently, the evacuations of many towns have been inevitable. Please pray.”

Please pray for the areas affected by this tropical storm. Pray for resources and hopefulness as they work to survive and rebuild their homes in the next few weeks.

Your support and encouragement is making an impact. It’s real. We’re grateful.

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