February 16, 2017

Oustanding report from New Delhi


For this weeks post we thought we’d share this letter directly from our partner. We love getting letters like these. I even love the imperfect English because it’s a reminder that God is working across cultural and language barriers!

Dear Brothers and sisters, Our hearts are filled with gratitude to our Lord God for He has been so good and faithful to us during our International Christian Youth Festival 2016 New Delhi. We still remember during our first planning meeting in Delhi, we were eleven members and we did not have any money to pay for the lunch and eleven thousand rupees to block IG Stadium dates. I requested Dr. Richard Howell and he gladly paid it and rest ICYF 2016 is a miracle from God who did it. Its great joy just to see thousands of young from all the states of our country to consider paying their to and fro travel and registration fees and coming for five days to mission conference. According to Lord’s promise in Joel 2:28 there was out pouring of the Holy Spirit, which transformed their lives and opened their spiritual eyes and gave them burden for lost souls and unfinished task of their nation. During these five days of youth conference in Delhi from 26th to 30th October 2016 we were altogether 6,058 participants, out of these, 4,658 were youth, 664 were pastors, 54 were Mission Leaders, 24 were Businessmen and 631 were volunteers. In youth conference 2449 youth accepted Jesus as personal Savior, 1,483 youth committed their lives for the part time ministry and 1,021 youth committed their lives for the full time. Words are inadequate to express our sincere thanks for all your prayers and sacrificial financial investment, kind effort, physical help since to make this ICYF success. We faced much challenge to achieve our target of 30000 youth, as it was difficult for remote youth to pay their both way travel to Delhi, plus pay INR Rs. 1000/- registration fees. Secondly we face much opposition from religious fundamentalist groups and also the government cancelling our Indira Gandhi Stadium booking. Please pray for the follow-up program. We have planned to have two years follow up training program for these committed youth which will result in church planting in their own respective places. We need your sincere prayers for the deficit of Rs 1,979,062- ($30,000 USD) that our Lord will provide it. So that we can return to our pastors friends from whom we took loan during the meeting in Delhi. We are praying for you and the ministry Lord has entrusted you, With gratitude, Vijay Mohod

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