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No Longer Roaming in Bulgaria

Jasmine Scott || Jan 10, 2019

Thanks to you, we recently finished the construction on a pastel peach Hope Center that sits atop a hill on the streets of Bulgaria. The color and location make it a light to the community in contrast to the crumbling structures around it. Yes, it’s not the first time you’ve reached Bulgaria with the gospel. However, this IS the first time you are reaching the Roma (or Gypsy) people with the gospel.


The Roma people make up a total of 5% of the population in Bulgaria. That means you’re now reaching over 325,000 people with the Word of Jesus Christ. Although this new opportunity is exciting, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges within the Roma community. Nearly 80% of the Roma people are at risk of poverty, and schools are struggling to have to have high retention rates. Young boys are dropping out of school at young ages to become pimps, and teen pregnancy is at an alarming high. Overall, one thing is very apparent: the gospel is desperately needed in parts of Bulgaria.


Fortunately, your support IS making a difference! Thanks to you, ICM partner Ivan Hazarbassanov has the discipleship materials and proper training to reach the Roma people. With his teachings, the pastel peach Hope Center growing rapidly. Today, it is feeding 40 children hearty meals every week and teaching them about Jesus Christ.


So, what do we do now? PRAY! Pray that this Hope Center reaches the youth and can spark their interest in Jesus. Pray also for a blanket of God’s love over the Roma community. Finally, pray for Ivan’s heart as he works to serve God and reach his community with the gospel.


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