July 3, 2018

No longer dying

Jasmine Scott
Rav’s journey from Tribal Hindu to faithful Christian


At ICM, we’re so blessed to receive incredible testimonies from the field that showcase God’s incredible power and love for his People. Rav’s* story was so good we just had to share it!

Rav comes from a traditional Hindu family in Northern India. In 2010 he was struck with a terrible illness that left him bedridden for months. Rav spent the next year in and out of hospitals, but a single doctor could not come up with a diagnosis for him. To make things worse, Rav’s family was convinced that “black magic” had taken over his body. He was slowly going to a dark mental place because he felt that no one could help him. He felt empty and alone.

One day, Rav’s friend Kam came to visit him. Kam shared the word of God with Rav, but instead of listening, Rav kicked him out and told him never to come back. He was frustrated with the empty promises of healing. Despite having been pushed away, Kam continued to visit Rav every day to share the Gospel. After two months of daily visits, Rav allowed Kam to take him and his family to a prayer group at a pastor’s house.

Upon arrival, the pastor began to pray for Rav, and everyone there quickly joined in. So many people were praying and asking for Rav to be healed, that he got mad.  In fact, he became furious and let out a scream at the top of his lungs. The group continued to pray for him through the chaos until he calmed down. He felt as though a weight was lifted off of his body, and he suddenly, for the first time in his life, felt at peace. This kind of peace was a calm, yet fulfilling peace that could only be explained by God. That week, Rav fully recovered from his illness and gave his life to Christ.

Since that time, Rav began to work for the local church and recently finished Bible school. His testimony of deadly illness and God’s power and mercy on him and resonated with his local community. He eventually started a small church through one of our indigenous ministry partners in India. The church has been approved as an official ICM project and before long Rav and his congregation will have a permanent church home in their community for the first time.

Please pray for Rav and his as he continues his walk with Christ and minister to their village

*Name and picture have been changed for security reasons

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