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Losing Faith

Jasmine Scott || Sep 03, 2018

There is a wide gap between knowing God and believing in God. Knowing God is to believe, trust, or feel his presence on a deeper level. It’s the difference between questioning the tragedies in life and understanding God’s plan at all times. This gap is where Mary’s testimony begins.


Mary, who grew up in Asia, was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family. In her early teen years, she was very involved in the church. In her heart, she knew she believed in Jesus. Despite her confidence in her own faith, something didn’t click. The more she got involved in the church, the more empty it left her.


Mary was faithful, despite her emptiness. She kept believing and searching. A few years down the road, she began working as a domestic helper in her hometown. It was during this time that she fully encountered Jesus, and it changed her life. She gained a hunger for Jesus and a yearning to learn more. Once she realized this, God kept opening doors for her. Today, she leads her own congregation and is sharing her own journey of faith.


It’s easy to lose faith during the journey from believing in God to knowing God. The moment where everything clicks won’t always come during a tragedy. Sometimes, maintaining the faith throughout the different phases of your life will allow God to open the door for more.


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