August 20, 2020

Sharing Jesus’ Love with Children in Africa


Stories of Hope

Will Tamara go home with God’s Word?


Beautiful 8-year-old Tamara hid behind her mother as they arrived at a CURE International hospital in Kenya only two weeks ago. She especially tried to keep from sight the left foot that curved painfully inward and caused her to walk with a severe limp.

Tamara has a condition called clubfoot. It’s a common condition in developing areas of the world where medical treatment isn’t as accessible. Sadly, that doesn’t mean that children living with disabilities will find acceptance. In rural areas, conditions like Tamara’s are seen as bad omens or the work of evil spirits. Tamara’s shyness is the result of being mercilessly taunted by her peers.

The wonderful nurses at CURE Kenya quickly helped Tamara settle in for treatment. On August 4, she had surgery to correct her clubfoot. She is now recovering and undergoing physical therapy. This soft-spoken girl says she wants to grow up to be a doctor or a teacher.

Soon, Tamara and her mother will return to their village. They will return with Tamara walking normally on a straight foot. They will know that CURE’s love for Jesus made this miracle possible. They will also have a CURE Care Kit with hygiene items and medical information to aid Tamara in her recovery.

The only question is, what else will be in that bag?

Today, readers like you can share Jesus’ love with children in Africa by putting an ICM audio player in the bags of kids like Tamara. This audio player will allow these kids, their families, and their entire villages to hear about The Great Physician, Jesus Christ. It will allow them to study the Bible in depth and become His faithful disciples.

Will Tamara go home with God’s Word? Only you can answer that question.*

Give hope to children like Tamara.


* This year, ICM is partnering with CURE International to put God’s Word into the hands and hearts of their children. CURE is committed to distributing up to 13,000 ICM audio players, which contain a full audio Bible and a discipleship program in local languages. This is an amazing evangelism opportunity since many of CURE’s patients live in remote areas that missionaries rarely reach. For only $14, you can share Jesus’ love with these kids and their families. Thank you!

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