June 26, 2018

He was the only survivor

Jasmine Scott

Church Building

Tragedy turns to testimony and lets ICM add another church in a difficult area.


Yu* grew up in Southeast Asia, surrounded by Taoism, Buddhism, and Islamic practices. However, in spite of the religious diversity that surrounded him, he accepted Christ as his Savior a few years ago. His testimony begins in a run-down bus that took him to work every day. The bus’s route went up the side of a mountain and passed over a river. The journey was very dangerous, especially during a storm.

One day, it was storming incredibly hard. Despite the unsafe conditions, Yu knew he had to get on the bus so that he could feed his family. As he walked out the door that morning, he had an overwhelming sense of…something. He wasn’t quite sure what the feeling was at the time, but he would soon discover it was the Holy Spirit. They were only halfway through the mountain when the storm picked up, and the bus started to swerve. An immediate sense of panic took over the passengers. The bus swerved in every direction before finally slamming onto its side and sliding into a tree.  Frozen by fear, Yu lay where he had been thrown from the bus. After a few minutes, he realized that, somehow, he wasn’t even hurt. Yu walked around the bus for half an hour before reality set in: he was the only survivor. He knew the only explanation for his survival was God. The overwhelming presence of the Spirit returned, and, this time, Yu yielded. At that moment, he gave his life to Christ – in the middle of a mountain, standing next to a wrecked bus.

Today, Yu leads his very own congregation and is working with ICM to build a church for them so they can continue to spread the truth of God’s grace and power. It won’t be easy. This church is in an area of intense persecution. But as Yu knows from experience, anything is possible with God. It’s testimonies like Yu’s that illustrate the importance of the work you support through ICM.

*Name has been changed for security reasons.

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