Provide a healthy church within walking distance of everyone in the world

Can you imagine if there were no churches to worship in, no communities to gather with and no resources to spread the Gospel? There are thousands of villages, neighborhoods and even cities around the world where there is not one single church.

ICM believes God’s plan for the local church is to bring the life-changing message of the Gospel into unreached communities all over the world. For more than three decades, ICM has been working to empower local missionaries and church planters to bring the gospel to these communities of the developing world.  

You can be the change. By donating just $35 monthly, you can support congregations awaiting their own church buildings, granting them a secure place to worship, Bible training, and most importantly, hope. 

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Join the global community fighting to reach 25 million people for Christ.

Kingdom investors have helped provide these much-needed resources to the church; Biblical training and tools – like a complete survey of the Bible in 60 languages – and physical buildings. In fact, more than 12,000 congregations in over 100 countries have built a permanent church building to worship in. 


ICM works directly with indigenous partners. We supply funding for materials. The partners create the plans and find the labor. Every church is completely unique to the region and they belong to the congregation, not ICM.

Groundbreakers are essential. Your monthly giving allows us to ensure congregations, who in some cases have been waiting for years, can finally have a solid building rather than a mango tree or mud hut.

Groundbreakers have built a total of 300 churches! That’s 300 congregations who now have a healthy, thriving church within walking distance of their home.