Christmas present

Spread the Joy!

“Let them hear just once that there was a Christmas.”

~ Rev. P. G. Vargis, ICM partner, India

Christmas present


Build a Church

In rural areas, church buildings say, “God is here.” When you give a congregation a church, you establish a beacon for the gospel, give legitimacy to local believers, empower new ministries, and forever change the spiritual landscape of every village.

Average Cost $11,500

“You can’t imagine the joy that comes with building churches in communities that will never be able to do it. Every church building is a miracle to the people.””

~ Rev. Kenneth Wafula, Uganda


Be an Evangelist


Be a Church Planter



Spread the joy twice as far in India and Pakistan.* Church projects in these areas are matched dollar for dollar!

* Gifts will be applied where projects are immediately available for funding.

Help Build a Church

Limited Edition

2018 Christmas Ornaments

Celebrating God’s work in Costa Rica

Yours FREE with any gift of $50 or more*

Add this beautiful ornament to your tree to celebrate 25 church and Hope Center projects in Costa Rica. Your support made it possible!

*One ornament per order form


The Kingdom Cross Image

The Kingdom Cross

This cross-shaped unit allows new believers to access ICM’s discipleship program in their own language on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s accelerating the spread of the gospel in countries that have modern technology. A wonderful gift to give in someone’s name!


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Give someone a chance to understand the Bible for the first time. Send a GodPod to a new pastor or believer in a rural area. Designed for oral learners, these solar-powered audio players allow listeners to hear the entire Bible and our Mini Bible College curriculum in their own language.

“After receiving Christ, I was very keen to learn about Him, but I cannot read nor write. My pastor gave me a GodPod. This device changed my life and helped me to grow spiritually. Thank you for this precious gift.”

~ Shanti Devi, India

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The Kingdom Cross Image

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Give 10 Units

The Kingdom Cross Image

Radio Broadcast

Eager to reach people in remote areas with the gospel? Give to sponsor a radio broadcast of MBC in the world’s least-reached regions.


Broadcast 1 Lesson

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Language Translation

Your Christmas gift today can help translate MBC into a new language for people who are waiting to study the Bible for the first time!


Translate 1 Lesson

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Build a Hope Center

Church Hope Centers provide food, refuge, education and spiritual nurturing to at-risk women and children. By sponsoring a Hope Center, you can:

  • Help Women and girls escape sex trade
  • Protect young children from violent gangs, and
  • Transform communities through Christ’s love.

Average Cost $22,000


Be a Nurturer


Be a Rescuer



Your gift for Hope Centers is automatically doubled while funds last. Spread the joy of Christ to twice as many children this Christmas!

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