An Eager Servant

finds his purpose in the Amazon

Jardel's journey from a troubled past to wanting to become a devout preacher in his remote Amazon village is a testament to the transformative power of faith and a pocket-sized audio player. His story highlights the impact of a small yet significant device, motivating him to share the Word and inspire his community with the teachings of ICM's Foundations curriculum. Your one-time gift of $25 can help spread the Gospel in villages like Jardel's.

"After hearing materials from this player, I want to preach!"

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Audio Player

Foundations curriculum


Radio Broadcast

for an average of 1,017 radio listeners


Invest is Discipleship

How Online Biblical Schooling

Changes Lives

In today's digital era, the internet and social media platforms have become essential for sharing the Word of God. ICM's Foundations Bible study curriculum, available in over 60 languages and through various platforms, including an online school format, facilitates profound learning experiences. Testimonies from individuals like Esteban Reyes and Pastor Lindokuhe Manda demonstrate how this curriculum not only equips them for leadership roles but also deepens their personal connection with God's teachings.

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“I changed my habits because I learned that when the power of God’s Word is in my heart, I will literally practice what I preach.”

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Warmth in the Winter

Generosity in Madagascar

Pastor Remy's church in Madagascar's Central Highlands has grown to over 200 attendees, transforming the lives of villagers through the Gospel. Their humanitarian project, providing blankets to 87 needy families during the cold season, not only warmed bodies but also symbolized Christ's compassion. This story demonstrates the vital role of local churches in bringing hope to communities and empowering pastors to lead effectively, as part of initiatives like the One Million Untrained Pastors Initiative in Africa.

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“Many of our young people are now free from alcohol, drugs, and idolatry,”

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Pastor Training


Trains four pastors

Your share of a church


Example: Average cost of a church in Africa $13,000
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The Within Reach 'Tis the Seasons 2024


Enjoy inspirational and touching testimonies revealing the miraculous works of our Lord in communities around the globe.