Christian and Debbie Fedor
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Christian and Debbie Fedor

"All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had." Acts 4:32 We invite our friends to pray for and share what we have as a community to build a church and hope center for our brothers, sisters, and their children in Uruguay. Uruguay is known as one of the most secular nations in all Latin America, with some of the highest rates of suicide, depression, abortion, divorce, and drug abuse. Many abandoned children are left to raise themselves facing enormous challenges, such as dire poverty, lack of education and medical care, abandonment by migrating parents, violence, exploitation, and abuse. Amid spiritual darkness and confusion, Jesus Christ and His Church are their only hope. The aptly named Transforming Lives Church Hope Center will be the central gathering place for worship and solid Bible-based teaching and discipleship AND will provide at-risk children with a place to learn, grow and develop into healthy adults and followers of Christ. It will offer food, clothing, educational assistance, emergency shelter, and safety from the drug trade for those in need -- the love of Jesus will help to restore dignity, community and bring hope for the future. Please pray for this growing church community. Chris and Debbie Fedor

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ICM exists to transform lives by building churches and training disciples worldwide. We help indigenous Christians to build permanent, healthy churches and equip them with discipleship materials for oral learners in their native languages. By empowering indigenous ministries that are already established and proven in the field, we’ve created a sustainable grassroots model for reaching the entire world for Jesus Christ. Our mission: to nurture believers and assist Church growth worldwide.

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