August 28, 2018

Build a church. Change the world.

Jasmine Scott

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church building

Investors like you have impacted over 90 different nations for Christ. It’s your faithful support that is opening the door for Christ in countries that have been closed to Christianity in the past. The impact you’re making around the world is real and continues to grow every day.

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You are bringing hope to people like Paul and his wife.

Paul and his wife grew up and got married in South America. A couple months into their marriage, they learned they were expecting. They were ecstatic! Unfortunately, a couple weeks later, they both were diagnosed with AIDS. Suddenly, they found themselves in a situation that felt out of their control, and they didn’t know what to do. They decided to visit a church in hopes that it would lead their lives in a new direction. So, they went to an ICM church in their neighborhood.

Paul and his wife prayed with the pastor and the church. They continued to attend the church every Sunday until their child was born. By the grace of God, they gave birth to a healthy child.

Not only did the church change the lives of Paul and his wife, it also provided a loving home for their child to be born in. ONE church changed THREE lives in ONE day. Isn’t that amazing? Today, Paul and his wife are working for the Kingdom of God and are now pastors at a church close to where they live.

*name and picture changed for security reasons.

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