August 7, 2018

A Dying Wish

Jasmine Scott

Church Building



church building

Anna Maria grew up very poor in a small Romanian village. She worked hard and was able to earn a full scholarship to a law school three hours away. She started to study law full-time while volunteering at a Christian conference center, where she heard about Jesus for the first time. One year later, she fully committed her life to Christ. She begged her pastor at the conference center to start a church in her village, but it wasn’t possible at the time. So, she returned to her village with a new degree, a zeal for Christ, and nowhere to worship.

Not long after that, Anna Maria became very ill. She was sent to the city for open heart surgery. She told her parents that if she died during the surgery, her last wish was to have a church in her village.

By the grace of God, Anna Maria survived. She spent her next few years working for a law firm when her health problems suddenly returned with vengeance. At 29, with a heart full of Jesus, she was found dead in her apartment.

Despite their grieving, her parents didn’t forget her dying wish. Following the funeral, her friends and family began to meet in a tent for worship. Today, there is a permanent church planted in Anna Maria’s name and 12 new churches planted in nearby villages.

It’s courageous believers, such as Anna Maria, that create a domino effect of love and gospel witness everywhere they go. It’s courageous ICM supporters like you who amplify these effects.

Thank you for transforming nations for Christ with us. We couldn’t do it without you.

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