A chance at a New Life

Jasmine Scott || Jul 10, 2018

A testimony of conquering addiction and finding faith.


As ICM travels overseas, we are blessed to meet amazing people with beautiful testimonies. For them, finding their faith is not as easy as going to their local church on Sunday or being raised in a Christian family. There are people everywhere who don’t have the chance to know and understand Christianity. Yet, miraculously, despite their religious diversity they find Christ. Maly’s* testimony is a perfect example of this. It’s such a powerful story that I wanted to share it with you!


Growing up in Cambodia, Maly was only taught about Buddhism. He never heard of Christianity and never questioned it. He normalized addiction and feeling empty. He didn’t know there was more to life than that. It wasn’t until he was heading to the city that something changed. A man stopped him, pulled him aside, and asked if he could share about Jesus Christ. Maly felt something stop him when the man began to share the Gospel.  


Maly thought about the bible verses that man had shared for the rest of the day. He even attended that man’s church the following Sunday. Going to church just one Sunday turned into every Sunday, until it became clear that he was being born again into a new faith. The next year, Maly attended church consistently and heavily studied the bible any moment he could. After giving his life to Christ and breaking his addiction, the pastor appointed him to lead the church. Maly decided to take this leap of faith. Today, ICM is working with Maly and equipped him with our Mini Bible College. Our Mini Bible College translated the Bible into his language so that he can understand the Gospel fully. Together, we are working to grow his congregation into more villages in Cambodia.


Maly’s story is something I think of often because it illustrates the reason behind our vision at ICM. There are people who go their whole lives without the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, and that’s heartbreaking. As ICM continues to work overseas to reach the world for Christ, we ask for prayers. Please pray that one day, people like Maly will be able to know God’s love from an early age.


*Name and picture changed for security reasons.


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