Stay Involved in Your Project

When you invest $1,000 or more in a church construction, you have the option of picking a specific project
and receiving regular project updates. Here's what you can expect:

Project Assignment
1 Month

More information on your project and the country where it is being built.

Construction Updates
3-6 Months

Photos of the church under construction. You may receive two or more of these.

Dedication Package
9-12 Months

Photos of the finished church and its dedication service. You receive your choice of a framed photo, folio, or photo book as a keepsake.

Activity Updates
18-24 Months

Statistics on the church’s growth and new ministries started since dedication. You may receive up to six of these.

We track every project!

We’ve built over 7,500 projects in 90 countries...
And we track each and every one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What costs does my gift cover?

    Your gift covers all costs related to the project. About 85% goes to providing solid building materials that rural congregations could not otherwise afford. About 15% is used to cover program support activities, such as field audits that ensure the project is built to our standards.

  • Can I pick where my gift goes?

    Yes, as long as it’s an approved project in a country where we work. We maintain a weekly Project Availability List that shows approved projects ready to be funded in various countries. Contact us to see our current list.

  • What about the congregation's theology?

    To ensure that each congregation we aid is biblically grounded, we partner only with structured, well-established ministries that can provide hands-on leadership and theological oversight. We also ask every congregation to submit their plans for pursuing biblical discipleship and to affirm the statement of faith found in the Lausanne Covenant, an evangelistic creed endorsed by Christians in 150 nations. You can read the statement here.

  • Why can't I find my project on the online map?

    Right now, only completed projects are shown on our online map. If you know your project has been dedicated and it still isn’t on the map, it may be that your project is in a highly sensitive area. While we keep GPS coordinates on every ICM project, we are unable to plot all of them due to targeted persecution in certain areas.

  • Who builds the church?

    The church is built by members of the local congregation and any laborers they choose to hire. This investment of “sweat equity” gives the congregation a strong sense of ownership, ensuring they will maintain the facilities well into the future.

  • What can go wrong?

    Building in rural areas overseas comes with unique challenges. Projects can be delayed or canceled due to natural disasters, religious persecution, material shortages or changes in local laws. If your chosen project becomes delayed for too long or canceled for any reason, we will help you transfer your gift to another project of your choice.

  • Can I visit my project?

    Depending on where your project is located, we may be able to arrange a visit for you on one of our Vision Trips. However, this is not typical. Hosting a visit can be difficult for some congregations, and many areas we work in are too remote or dangerous for visitors to access. Your safety and comfort are our primary concerns.

  • Can I receive updates on my project past the 3-year reporting period?

    Due to the large number of projects our indigenous partners undertake with us, we do not require them to report on individual projects past the mandated 3-year period after dedication. However, we may continue to visit some of these projects during Vision Trips and field audits. And we know that aiding well-established congregations – who are invested in their church and committed to evangelism – ensures these church projects will stand the test of time.

Why Sponsor a Church?

  • A safe place for worship and discipleship
  • A tool for local Christians to serve their own community
  • A visible sign of God’s presence
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