Reaching Women in India

Imagine being a woman in India. Chances are, you’d be poor and illiterate. You would likely eat your meals only after the men and boys in the home had finished theirs—if any food remained. Your parents would treat you as a liability and forgo your education and medical care. If you displeased your husband, he would feel justified in beating you. And if you were widowed, society would call you cursed.

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Thankfully, the Church is helping to change this attitude toward women. Through local churches, women in India learn that God values them. They come to realize that they have a divine purpose and many gifts to share. The local church also gives them opportunities to become literate and trained in a valuable job skill, helping to lift them out of poverty.

To this end, ICM’s Women’s Initiative is choosing this month to sponsor the construction of Hedakanahally Church for an established congregation in India. The church started in 2013 when one woman gave her life to Jesus and allowed a pastor to host worship services in her home. Today, the church has 125 members. A permanent building will give this growing congregation a safe place to worship and allow them to reach more women in an area of intense persecution.

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Thank you for changing the lives of women in India.


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