In Honor of Terance's late son
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In Honor of Terance's late son

A few months ago, I was approached by some friends who have grown close to a group of political refugees at their church here in Colorado Springs. My friends shared with me that two of the young men from the group were in need of work. One, Terence, is the father of 5 kids. Being a father myself, I wanted to help. After a brief interview, we hired both of them at my tentmaking company, Bigfoot Drywall and Paint.Terance is from Burundi and Viane is from Tanzania, yet they are both brothers of the same parents…that is just the beginning of their story. Their parents were Tutsi and Hutu; an unusual blend for a tribal marriage. During the Tutsi - Hutu civil war their parents were killed in front of them. Terance and Viane escaped and were shipped to live with other family members; bouncing around Africa until they were able to make their way to the United States as political refugees five years ago. Because they moved around so much after the war, Terance says he is from Burundi and Viane says he is from the neighboring country of Tanzania. In my ministry work with ICM (International Cooperating Ministries), we build churches to change nations and their societies. ICM’s mission is to put a healthy church within walking distance of everyone in the world.I learned recently that Terance had a son who drowned in the pool at his apartment complex here in Colorado a couple of years ago. As if his life wasn’t challenging enough! I want to do something to honor his son and the Lord we both worship.This is where I need your help.By coming together and donating to ICM, we have the privilege of building a church in Tanzania and dedicating it to Terance’s son. I know from my involvement with ICM that there are several churches in Tanzania awaiting funding to begin construction, and that the total cost to build a church there is $11,500. Will you join me in showing Terance and his family the love of Christ by building a church in memory of his late son?Missy and I are making a donation and so is Bigfoot Drywall. Please pray about working with us to fund a church together. Would you consider a gift of $1,000, or whatever amount the Lord may put on your heart to help make this happen?In return you’ll get regular progress reports on church construction and growth, and the chance to continue changing a nation. We can make a difference for the people of Tanzania by giving them hope and peace from Peace himself, Jesus Christ.To donate please reply back and I will assign the donation to the Tanzanian project and give you more information on the church we have picked out.

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ICM exists to transform lives by building churches and training disciples worldwide. We help indigenous Christians to build permanent, healthy churches and equip them with discipleship materials for oral learners in their native languages. By empowering indigenous ministries that are already established and proven in the field, we’ve created a sustainable grassroots model for reaching the entire world for Jesus Christ. Our mission: to nurture believers and assist Church growth worldwide.

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