The Global Church Developer

Over the last three decades, God has transformed hearts and nations through ICM. What started as a humble idea has grown into a worldwide movement of church growth and discipleship. None of this would have been possible without the visionary leadership of our founder, Dois Rosser, and his innovative passion for global evangelism. Staying true to his original mission and vision, we’ve adopted a new visual brand, rooted in biblical symbolism, that expresses our growing identity as The Global Church Developer.

What do our colors represent?


Blues are documented throughout history for their peaceful, yet authoritarian, representations. They signify trust, loyalty, and steadfastness. However, it’s the biblical representation of God’s presence that inspired us to adopt native indigo Dark Royal as one of our colors.


Native to India, where we built our first church, saffron is the world’s most precious and expensive spice. Known for its vivid color and taste, the Saffron Crocus produces only three stigmata per flower, each of which must be harvested within three hours prior to the flower blooming. This bold and beautiful color captures the urgency of our mission.


The Indian Banyan, a tree known for its prolific growth, produces the largest continuous canopy in the world. This vibrant and energetic green represents our relentless pursuit to blanket the world with healthy churches.

Enhanced Wordmark + Brand Icon

Our new wordmark pays homage to Solomon’s temple—the first permanent structure built to house God’s presence among His people. The wordmark has an architectural feel and showcases the strength and steadfastness of Jachin and Boaz, the two sacred pillars that stood at the temple’s entrance.

The wordmark’s three distinct sections represent the temple’s Inner Court, the Holiest Place, and the Holy of Holies—signifying the work of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

The brand icon contains these same distinct sections, encompassing our fundamental disciplines of Congregations, Content, and Capital.

The work that we have accomplished so far is only the beginning.

As God continues to shape ICM, we remain more committed than ever to our original mission and vision. As a ministry, we will continue to innovate, accelerate, and connect with new investors to lead the world in church development for God’s kingdom.

Thank you for growing with ICM.