• "I Am in Him,
    He Is in Me."
  • Words by: Jim Clayton and Mark Carman, Music by: Mark Carman and Marty Raybon
    ©Copyright 2011 MCM Universal Publishing, All Rights Reserved
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  • Written by Mark Carman, Jim Clayton and Marty Raybon, "I’m in Him, He is in Me" is a tribute to Pastor Dick Woodward, author of the Four Spiritual Secrets. It is of course also a tribute to one of the great truths of Scripture --- that when we come into a relationship with Jesus Christ, we have the assurance that we are in Him, and He is in us.
  • The lyrics began with Jim Clayton who had been working to capture the essence of those four spiritual secrets in a song. He began a collaboration with Mark Carman, who happened to be friend and business manager of Nashville recording artist, Marty Raybon.
  • Through a circumstance that was clearly guided by the Lord, Marty and Mark found themselves at ICM one day, learning of ICM’s work in the Caribbean – a recent mission trip to Costa Rica had Marty anxious to get involved in building a church in that country. During their visit to ICM, Mark Carman was given a copy of ‘The Four Spiritual Secrets’ and as he began to read it, he realized that it was the source of Jim Clayton’s lyrics. Inspired by seeing the four spiritual secrets more clearly, and inspired by the work of ICM, Mark, Marty and Jim quickly finished the song.
  • Recorded in Nashville in January of 2011, much of the studio time and musician’s skills were provided at minimum charge because of this important message. ICM and Pastor Woodward are grateful to all who participated to produce this fun and edifying song! Stay tuned to learn more of ICM’s plans for using the song around the world!
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